That’s all very well! But finally, after years of stagnation, the TV people have woken up to the need for locally-based minority programs! Made by amateurs! And perhaps of interest only to two or three people! It’s important, right? It’s now! And I want to watch!

-Rik Mayall, “The Young Ones”

This is – at least for the time being – the home of my new writer’s blog. This is where I will post all of my thoughts about writing that don’t necessarily follow a specific product line (like Steamscapes) or that discuss projects that are still in the embryo stages and may not be ready for the primetime marketing push of an official website. I may also discuss theatre, gaming, education, and other topics of interest to me, but always at least partially through the lens of writing.

You are welcome to comment, of course, though honestly I don’t expect a lot of general traffic here. More likely I will post things so I can refer to them later. If you’ve come here from one of those references, feel free to poke around the random pile of thoughts, or just hightail it to more interesting corners of the internet.



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